Alessio Spallino

Software developer

Who's this guy?

Hi. I'm Alessio, a software developer from Riva del Garda, Italy.
Please take a look around!


Relevant projects

Finland's Engineering Association

ILRY Mobiili (Eficode Oy copyright) | 2018

Engineering Association's mobile app that offers services to Association's members. Use of the application requires valid membership tags. ILry Mobile includes, among others, an electronic membership card, a news feed divided into different tabs, an event and training calendar, a work platform, and a pay crane.

Event-based picture sharing app

CloudyClouds | 2017

Cloud-based application to share and synchronise pictures between users. Creation of groups of users participating in a certain event for sharing related pictures. The pictures are synchronised in real-time to all other users belonging to the same group (If no sensible data are found in pictures with Google Vision API).

Entertain yourself!

Amusemie | 2017

A website where students of Aalto University can find associations in the area and the events the associations are organizing. For associations, the service includes possibility to tell about themselves and to create/manage events.

Message = new adventure!

Imagine Messenger | 2017

Users can send messages to each other using an android application. In order to read the message, a user has to play and solve a mystery inside a Unity scene. We used Android, Unity, and Firebase.

Help rescue teams

Thermadrone | 2017

Development of a Drone equipped with a thermal camera and able to fly automatically and to send the real-time streaming to an Android application. In order to develop this application, i had to learn and use the DJI SDK.

Pregis s.p.a

Pregis Road (Pregis S.p.a copyright)| 2016

Customers see at what time their orders will arrive and also if there will be delays (with the new time of arrival). Users are able to download invoices before the delivery arrives and, for any problem in the order, users can alert the company on time to adjust the order.

Swap your items

ChangeInChat | 2015

Android Application that enables users to upload and change their accessories with other users. All the negotiation is handled with a chat inside the application. We used Parse (it was super cool!). This was my 1st Android application!

Mind the food, save the planet!

Cookage | 2017

Startup idea that has been presented at the 2017 EIT Kickoff in Rennes, France; cookage has been chosen among the best 10 out of 300 ideas. The aim of cookage is to reduce the waste of food inside supermarkets with a new way of selling food near the expiration day.